13 career opportunities after English Honours in Bihar


What is English Literature according to the common people?

English literature is the most difficult subject in the group of Arts but after taking admission into B.A and M.A in English , people can learn it very well that they can communicate fluently in English. As we all know that English is the most accepted language in the world so we all want to learn it and somehow at a certain point, we judge the human intelligence by the English communication skill. Nowadays most of the parents enrol their children in English Medium schools so that they can be the master in English Language and after completing the school, those students pursue English honours for learning the English Language more precisely. So the general notion is if you pursue English Honours, you will be successful in life, only English language is the useful subject in the stream of Arts.

What to read in English Literature according to common people?

 You only have to study the textual stories and poems; and the readymade notes  to score a good percentage. But the most important part is you will have to communicate in English otherwise pursuing English literature will not be fruitful for you. If you cannot understand the meaning of a English word, you should never pursue this subject because this subject is all about understanding the meanings and learning good English words.

What is the actual purpose of studying English literature?

As we all know, the list of candidates for English Honours is longer than the list of candidates for other subjects and to enter the college pursuing English Honours, a student has to face more competition. Most of the students of each stream apply for taking English as their major subject in college, this is why the competition of this subject gets harder than any other subject of Arts. If someone judges  this subject thinking of the school days, it would not be right. The English literature has a little bit of connection with grammar,  it is all about the literary theories.

Though people think that studying English Honours would help the students to learn English speaking, it is quite wrong at a certain point. Every language has its own development history and English is also one of the languages so the institutions teach the history behind English literature and language. If any student is not habituated with reading, he or she should not opt this subject for future studies and if that student did not like the subject History in his school, he or she should never pursue English Honours.

We all have one mother tongue and the development history of that language is taught in school so we are used to it, we get to know the popular terms and the most important facts of our mother tongue but in college, the thing is different. Since you are pursuing English Honours, you should know the over-all history of Europe, America, Africa and India also because every textual element belongs to these places mostly.

The biggest difference between the school and the college English is in school, the students read stories or poems without knowing its history but in college, students have to be aware of every device used in the texts and also the background history of the texts and the authors. English Literature is called the toughest subject from UG because here students study almost every time in a day so that he or she can know more about the history. No student will be successful in this field without knowing the background so apart from the tuition notes, students must be self-confident as well as determined and he or she must know how to study and prepare the answers on own because the motive of English as a literature is to increase one’s limitation of thought so that he or she can analyse the major and minor things of everyday life.

Remember this line, “Literature is called the mirror of the society”.

What to read in English Literature (B.A.) actually?

The syllabus of English Honours is quite long and very complicated to understand that consists of drama, novel, short story, epic, essay, and various forms of poetry like sonnet, elegy, lyric, satire, mock epic, etc.

Basically you need to study the literary works of Indian, American and British writers like William Shakespeare,  Virginia Woolf, Herge, Derozio, Walt Whitman, William Faulkner, Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, Agatha Christie, Toru Dutt and other eminent writers of different ages. Students will have to read not only about the writers and their writings but also the socio-cultural factors of those very ages.

Who should pursue English literature in college?

  1.  Students need to have the habit of reading a lot of books and understand the relevance for each context.
  2.  Students have to be expressive so that they can point out and show every important facts of the texts.
  3.  Those students can join who love to read out of their syllabus just to know more because here you need to know every minute detail of the history.
  4.  Students must have the knowledge to compare among the topics so that they can relate and differentiate each and every detail.
  5.  This is the subject for History-lovers. Students of English literature will have to know the history and location of every place.

Top 13 future opportunities after English Honours –

  • Career in private tuition – Nowadays every student needs a perfect and skilled teacher to learn perfect English so that the student can move forward without any problem. Poverty or unemployment can never touch you if you can be the master of this subject and you don’t need to invest any excessive amount to get success. Everyone agrees to pay a good amount to the teacher if they get their results.
  • Assistant professor in college – If you are looking for a secured as well as a honourable profession, you can do Masters in English literature and can try to become a professor. If you have the potential to sum up all your study and if you love to teach other people, you should pursue English literature for B.A. and then go for M.A.; To be an assistant professor, you just need to have the in-depth knowledge of English literature, it is not so tough as people think. Good learning gives the best way.
  • Career in youtube – Not all students want to go into the general professions, sometimes students want to go for off-beat professions and nowadays youtube is one of those. Students who have their own unique ideas and determination and also wants to be famous by a good path, they can pursue English honours. This subject helps you to make your ideology more powerful so that you can be able to think your contents in a more unique manner. And you can upload your lectures on youtube regarding the topics of English Honours to make others understand the contexts.
  • Career as an author – Every generation has the craze to read the books or eBooks of different writers and a few of them wants to be author but their planning does not get successful because they have not that much of knowledge to write a book. In English honours, students need to read most of the literary terms, devices, tactics which can help the students to arrange their own writings and make them different from other freshers in the writing field.
  • Guest lecturer in college – Students can earn quite a good amount of money as well as fame and respect just after graduating in English literature. They can be guest lecturers in different colleges and this profession will give them an opportunity to nurture their own studies better. Students can take up this profession for practice also so that they can one day become assistant professors.
  • Career in content writing – The world cannot go on without writings and as English literature helps students to expand their knowledge and also make them inform each strategy to present the contents beautifully, students can easily turn their writing hobby into a fruitful profession. The best part is the students learn everything in English language and the world needs most of the contents in English so the students of English literature can work as a freelance content writer with other countries also.
  • Career in High school teaching – Most of us are aware of this fact that teaching in high school can give the financial stability. And if you do B.A and M.A in English literature properly, you will be eligible for teaching in private as well as Govt. schools. Also, there is so much demand for high school English teachers that they can also offer tuition online and offline.
  • Career in Journalism and Mass communication – If you want to see yourself in a world of Mass Communication, you should pursue English Honours. This 3 year Bachelor degree course makes the students very confident, expressive, analytical, imaginative and also make them learn how to deal with the society with an excellent communication skill so doing M.A in Journalism or Mass Communication can be one of the best professions for English graduates.
  • Career in Law – The students who are studying English literature and are good at reasoning and also love the part of critical assessment, it becomes clear that the students will get the most of the success when they will go into a profession where critical thinking, reasoning, judgment and optimistic views are everything so Law is that profession where the English graduates can find themselves totally suitable. So after the graduation in English, students can do the course called L.L.B for becoming a professional lawyer.
  • Career in research – Researchers are needed in this digital world for discovering more interesting facts of the surrounding and the students of English can go for research on a particular topic to other countries also and they will never face any language problem because of pursuing English literature. So this can be the one profession which suits your intellectual mind.
  • Career in digital marketing – The course of the English honours is necessary for those students who want to be established in the field of digital marketing. This course helps to gain the good communication skill and develop the creative mind. Every market or advertisement agencies look for creative and confident persons and English graduates must be their choice as they are aware of every strategy that can increase the positive essence of every content.
  • Career in Women Studies – Women security and women rites has become a serious issue nowadays and you can easily get involved into that social study that is called as women studies.  You will gain the analytical power and the rising voice when doing English honours and that knowledge will help you to stand differently from others. After completing graduation in English, student can do Masters in Women Studies and later they can join N.G.Os for social cause.
  • Career in Communicative English – A good grammar teacher is always needed in the teaching field. No student can be perfect in English grammar without studying and practicing it precisely and that is why doing Masters in Communicative English can change your professional life totally. You will be able to teach grammar in schools, colleges and also to those who are preparing for Govt. exams. 

The 5 best English departments in Bihar –

There is a huge difference between the best college and the best English department. The best colleges are not best in each and every subject, those are called best because of their over-all performance but here is the list for 5 best English departments where students can find everything such as good infra-structure, supportive professors, every opportunity to score higher marks, proper guidance and the most importantly self-confidence. Those are –




4. A N college, PATNA