13 career opportunities after English honours in westbengal

Whether it is English honours or any other subject, a career after graduation will be difficult to make if you are planning it in the private or govt sectors. As an experienced, I am going to give you the true path to make a successful career through this writing.

You need to understand this

There is nothing to do with any honours with a practical job that we do to earn a handsome salary. Good education supports us to get any work done with quality. In 2021 I joined a company as a Digital Marketing Trainer where I found two marketing executives working. One of them was an English honours graduate and earns 20k per month.

So, I want you to ask yourself do you want to work as a marketing executive after English honours? If not, then tell me which position in a company do you you want?

If your answer is you want to go for the teaching line then there is one job that will suit you the best and has demand. It is “Soft Skills Trainer“. In the same company that I mentioned earlier, there were two soft skills trainers and their in-hand salary was 13k & 15k. But also they had 3+ years of experience in other companies. Will you be satisfied with this salary?

Let me tell you one secret

In 2018 I joined a company as a soft skills trainer with a salary of 7.3k in hand. And I am writing this in 2022 and I am earning 35k per month approx. I have changed my work profile. Because I understood that in the private sector I can’t make more money by only teaching soft skills.

The truth about job

I started my career in the skill sector as a soft skill cum IT trainer, in the year 2018. Skill sectors mainly provide short-term job readiness courses. After the course completion, the students start getting placement opportunities from the skill provider.

I have observed that 50% of the students are not eligible for a job even after they get skill training.

And from the rest 50% of students are eligible and good students but either they don’t want to work in BPO or may have relocation issues.

This issue happens when students have higher expectations and good qualifications. But either they don’t get quality job opportunities or they can’t qualify for MNC job interviews if given the opportunity.

Of those students, only 1% to 3% of students can secure a job in top companies with a good salary. The rest only get disappointments or get a job that comes with dissatisfaction. They leave the company within 3 months.

This happens when students take non-professional courses. But there are many professional courses like digital marketing, web design, graphic design, VFX, video editing, Animation etc.

Students who take professional courses like those I mentioned above, don’t depend on jobs. Because after taking these courses students can earn by selling skills.

Even if they want to get a job with these professional skills they can secure a job very easily. Because competition is very low and requirement is very high.

Besides these jobs come with a good salary package and better career opportunities.

I am now going to mention such a course that anyone from non-technical background can learn and get an excellent career opportunity.

Yes, I am going to talk about the Digital Marketing course.

Today digital marketing is the most demanding industry in the world. Every business from small to big depends on digital marketing to survive in the competitive market. They need leads that convert into sales. Sale is the backbone of companies’ development and employees’ growth in salaries. So a digital marketing executive plays a vital role in a company’s growth and development.

Companies pay very good salary packages because they understand the importance of a digital marketing executive in their company. So all digital marketing executives have a very bright career opportunity if they can perform and learn the skill perfectly.

From the view of industrial requirements, I have designed such a course that provides you with hands-on experience on practical projects. Here are the details of the course.