About Us

Hi, I am Ranjan from Bengal, India. I run this website. I bought it in 2016 to start blogging. In 2021 I totally stopped writing and deleted my all work. In 2022 I restarted my writing again.

Currently, I work as a full-time Digital Marketing Trainer at Anudip Foundation and also do freelancing in my field. I write mainly on Digital Marketing topics like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Advertisement, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Website Design, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Career Development, and Freelancing.

I provide Personal one-to-one Digital Marketing Training from Blogrator.com and darkmatt.com

I also provide all types of Digital Marketing and Web Design related services from Blogrator.

I have incorporated Blogrator Web Service (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. in 2022.