Are you eating fresh vegetables?

Author: Subhra Nath

Am I Eating fresh vegetables is a question which comes to everyone’s mind, by fresh vegetables we always expedient the vegetables which are comestibles which are colourful and attractive, but what do you think are they really edibles stuff or will we get the amount of nutrition and benefit which we should get from a vegetable, is that vegetables serving us the proper amount of health benefits?

we all know consuming fresh vegetables is one of the essential things which our body wants from us and if we don’t provide our body that much nutrition then our body will stop working. so in order to find the right vegetables for us, we have to first check whether the vegetable is harvested recently or it is the preservative one and does the vegetable after post-harvesting has been treated well or has been chemically treated, if you learn the technique of choosing the appropriate vegetable then you can overcome a lot of health hazards.