Career in scriptwriting

Career in scriptwriting, Script writing service in Bangla

Before focusing our career in scriptwriting we have to know what is scriptwriting? Yes, script writing is a process of writing in the screenplay medium, mainly writing down the actions, expressions, and dialogue of the various characters in that screenplay format. It is totally different from the form of novels, poems, or any type of … Read more

Career in Blockchain Development & the Roadmap

Career in Blockchain

Programming Languages for Blockchain Application Development Solidity javascript React.js (front end) Node.JS (back end) express.js (back end) web3.js (Front end) Python Programming Languages for Blockchain core development Go C++ Rust Truffle (It is a framework) We can write smart contracts on Ethereum Network. We can install truffle in our local system. It set up the … Read more

Things to follow to increase your traffic once your buy your website

Website traffic

Buy your domain that contains keyword related to your business. Cpanel Hosting + WordPress Installation SSL Installation if not present Elementor & Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin installation for website designing. Yoast SEO installation & Set up. Property add in Google Search Console + Bing web master tools and sitemap submission. Google Analytics account creation … Read more

How to make a website for beginners?

This is the first chapter of our digital marketing. In this chapter, you will learn how to make a website for beginners and make it live on the internet so that anyone can find that website. A website usually has two parts, the first part is the domain and the second part is the hosting. … Read more

Which SEO factors matter for your website ranking?

Onpage SEO.  Keyword Research & Planning. Use high volume low competition keywords.  Don’t create more than 1 article with similar or same keyword in a website. SEO Content Creation. Good Quality & Original content.  Meta tag. SEO-friendly permalink creation (focus keyword should be in permalink).  Focus Keyword in permalink.  Focus Keyword in article title. Focus … Read more

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the concept of doing marketing activities on the Internet. This is a kind of study where the student learns about building strategies to reach the customers who are actually seeking the service or product. Those customers are called the target audience. You can only call yourself a successful digital marketing expert if … Read more