Financial Freedom: A guide to create passive income source

Financial Freedom: A guide to create passive income source

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Book Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Early Life
  3. The reason why I wanted to earn badly
  4. I started looking for ways to earn money
  5. I started teaching to fund my experiments
  6. What kind of career middle class Indian parents want for their children?
  7. Normal VS Professional Internet Users
  8. How to start an online business and make money?
  9. Blogging – Web Hosting – Digital Marketing – SEO
  10. What is a sub domain? How is it related to free blogs?
  11. How to create an e-commerce website?
  12. How to create passive income by self publishing books?

Chapter 1


In this book I have step by step discussed the total journey form nothing to the way to everything. I have discussed my failed and successful experiments, breakdowns and motivations. In this book I have shared all my experiences and knowledge that I have acquired during my struggle.

Whatever I have said through this book will really matter. This story will give you the knowledge about how money works in internet and in real life. You will learn to create two way earning source, physically and digitally. I will guide you to create maximum flow of income. You will know how to build audience and reach right customers. You will also learn to create digital products and successful ways to sell it.

You have to try to see the things in a way I see it. It will give you the road map to become successful in your life and enjoy the financial freedom. So please read the whole story attentively.

There is no shortcut. If you are looking for quick money and shortcuts then this book can’t help you. This book will help you to fix your target. It will help you as a guide. So that you don’t repeat the same mistakes like I did. All I know if I would have a guide like this then it would speed up my journey towards financial freedom and save lots of time and money.

Truth is it’s all about your involvement and intention how deep you want it. In this path you will face failures, depression and frustrations. You will not get your family by your side to support you. They will think you are wasting your time in computer for hours. You can’t make understand about your career goals to your girlfriend or her parents or your family members. If you tell them about your career goals then they will think you crazy. You have to face this question again and again, “How can someone think about anything else except a govt. or private job or business?”

If you still want to choose this life then you are welcome to the world of entrepreneur’s.

Let’s dig deep into the topic!

Chapter 2

Early Life

As a kid I wanted to earn from internet using my computer without any investment. I wanted to earn because I needed some extra cash for myself for living my childhood dreams. I wanted to earn without investment because I had no money to invest as a kid. All I had was my father’s computer and internet connection.

I was a school student and I loved to read books, not my school books. Every month I used to ask my father to give me money so that I could buy new books. And my father used to fulfill my wish most of the times but he used to ask for bills and the reason of purchase the book.

I didn’t get any extra monthly pocket money from my father. My father used to give me two rupees daily when I was nine years old and reading in class five in 2003. The two rupees was for the tiffin break at school so that I can eat something outside.

It was a new school for me and first year I failed in class five. My father didn’t scold me for that. He knew I was suffering from headache and was under treatment since a year. Doctor told my father that I couldn’t take heavy educational pressures.

I left behind, lost my classmates and became one of the failed senior students of the new batch of class five. Normally students take admission in class five at the age of eleven. I was little early. Though I was considered as one of the failed senior students but still I was one year junior than the most of the new students.

I was in class seven when my father started giving me five rupees a month for school tiffin. In class seven I failed in three subjects in final exam and so that I couldn’t make it to next class. I failed in class seven for not taking the study seriously. I used to read story books all the time and play with beyblade toy with friends. This time again my father didn’t scold me. He encouraged me to study hard for the next year.

This time my dignity was hurt. I felt how much time I wasted and how fool I was. I could have focused on my studies when I had time.

I promised myself that I would study very hard from then. I truly studied so well that my rank came to 14. I was in class nine when I met a girl and fell in love. It was the first time in my life that I started to focus about my grooming and body language. We used to study together in an English tuition, three days a week. It was 2009 and I was 16.

I was very poor in English grammar before I met the girl. And the girl was our teacher’s favourite. I started to focus on English like never before only to impress her.

It was very strange that my crush used to come near me like a magnet. And we used to talk until our teacher would start taking the class. I used to come in tuition even an hour early just to talk with her longer and she would do the same.

I started changing since my first encounter with the girl. Every month I used to approach for new dresses to my father. And I started asking for pocket money from my father. I could manage to convince my father gave me pocket money of rupees 400 INR every month. The day I received the money I spent it all in new dress. My father stopped giving me pocket money from the next month when he found out that I spent it all in a single day for buying new dress. According to my mom I didn’t need any new dress that time because I had enough.

But my need was growing day by day. That time some of friends had bikes and where I had an old bicycle since my class five. I wanted to style more to show off in front of that girl that I used to like in my English tuition.

When I completed my secondary exam (10th) and took admission in class eleven with science.

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Chapter 3

The reason why I wanted to earn badly

My father never wanted me to study science. He wanted me to study arts and look after his wholesale jewelry business. But I went against my father’s decision and chose science. I had a dream about my career. I wanted to study software engineering and become a software engineer. I had deep love with computer subject from my childhood. And after 10th , science was only way to achieve that career I wanted.

My Madhyamik (10+2) exam result wasn’t good. Somehow I managed to get first division but the marks weren’t good enough for taking science after 10th. My father admitted me in the same school with Arts subjects. But secretly I took admission in different school with science. That school was little far from my home. It would take an hour by bus from my house. Somehow my father came to know about the matter in a month and he understood that he couldn’t stop me from taking science. So he managed to transfer me to another school near to my house with science to save my travel time and effort so that I could give more attention to my studies.

My eleventh’s study began and I was very excited. For the first three months everything was fine and I was very happy. But then one day my father came home from shop with severe pain in left hand. And after few hours he even couldn’t raise his left hand. Because of this pain and weakness in hand he couldn’t open shop from the next day. We had a big jewelry shop compare to other jewelry shops in that area with running good numbers of customers. But now it is closed and the daily source of earning stopped.

I, my brother along with my father went to Bangalore for treatment and spent there about 20 days. The doctor whom my father was seeing told father to revisit after 30 days. We came back home and I went back to study. My younger brother started helping my father in business.

But I found out that in my tuitions they have covered two to three chapters during my absence and I was left out. I tried hard to catch the rhythm but it felt difficult to me as in science most of the chapters are connected to each other. Besides I felt very demotivated. Although I tried very hard and almost I was getting back in track. But after 30 days my father went back to Bangalore again for checkup but this time with my brother and the responsibility came to me to open the shop regularly.

In one side there was my love for study and another side was my responsibility as elder son. I chose responsibility. I started going to shop regularly and handled the business.

I used to bring my books to shop but I didn’t get time in shop to study because of customers. I used to come home from shop, tired and after that I couldn’t get energy to open my books.

I was very depressed. I understood that it is the end of my education and my dreams. My life became very boring. Every day I woke up late in the morning. Then I used to go to my father’s jewelry shop, come back at night and then I go to bed.

Like other boys I wanted to go to school and enjoy with friends. After my secondary school I wanted to go to college. I really wanted to experience the lifestyle as a college student. Till then I only read about college in books and watched it in movies. But in class eleven when I understood that I couldn’t continue my studies anymore then I became very sad and hopeless. My depression started since then. And yes, I still take antidepressant tablets.

To keep myself engage and feel better I started taking English communication class and I started learning English like never before. In just three months I could speak English.

I took decision that I will drop out this year and restart the education again from the next year. My father and brother came back from Bangalore but still I continue going to shop as usual. My father used to take rest at home. Every day I used to submit the business transaction details to my father. After a few months I told my father that I will drop the year and next year I will resume studying. But my father didn’t allow me to do so. He told me to start going to school and I started. But our shop had to close again.

These incidents had an effect in my mind that how a business is completely dependent on one’s physical well-being. I started thinking it doesn’t matter how hard I work in future if someday I met an accident or some illness and I lose my working capabilities then I will become a financial burden to someone else of my family. So I started searching for a way to earn money where I don’t need to be present physically all the time, should be place independent and it should be some kind of automatic process.

After few months when my father was little better then he started going to shop once again. But it was painful for me to see my father going to shop with the heavy bags. I saw him struggling to bring scooty outside of the house as his hand was still weak.

I wanted to earn to support my father. I wanted my father to take rest. Also I wanted to complete my study. So I started looking for some work that shouldn’t hamper my study. I was looking for some kind of work from home part time computer based job. I was thinking if I can use my computer and internet to make money then maybe I can find out some way to support my father.

After that I didn’t help my father in business as an elder son of the family. Every time I saw my father working hard at this age when people retire from their jobs, I felt guilty. I could kill my dreams and help my father and take over the business entirely and leave my education, life and friends. But I didn’t! Because I wanted to take my family to a better position. If I follow the same path like my father then I also have to work for entire life. I wanted to break the custom. I gave myself time to burn. Every time I see my father working hard I became more determined to become a successful person. I was not one of them who waste their time for nothing. I spent hours in learning new things on internet that would help me to become a successful person in future.

I was a last bench student who failed twice in secondary school. It took me long time to memorize my studies. And I was very weak in Maths and English. But despite of all these weaknesses I wanted to learn to earn. Because I knew its money that can pay hospital bills, its money that can help me buy things for my family. And we all will agree in one thing that is our parents deserve better. We want to be felt proud to our parents by achieving a good position in life.

I started doing research on “how to make money from home” so that I could earn and continue my studies together.

There was another incident and reason why I wanted to earn money,

Basically my father doesn’t say no if I ask him for money. He asks though what I will do with the money.

It was the time when I was managing my father’s business on daily basis for a few months. It was the first time I asked my father to buy me a bike. At first my father promised me that he would buy me a bike. But that week an accident happened in our locality and a teenager died because of rough riding. That incident freaked my parents off and conversion stopped about buying a bike.

Within a few months I again raised the issue that I needed a bike. We went to bike showroom and compared a few bikes. My father wanted me to choose the bike with more mileage so that he could use it for business but I wanted to go for good look.

This duel went on for a few more months and my father didn’t purchase any bike and I became very angry. After that I promised my father I would never ask him for a bike again. I also told him that I would buy a bike of my own choice by myself with my one month’s earning one day.

My father told me to earn 200 rupees first

After hearing my pledge, my father told me to learn how to earn 200 INR a month first. That sentence from my father hit me in my head and I still remember the sentence. It was true I didn’t know how to earn money. Earning money is kind of a technique. The more you are skilled the technique the more you can earn. I believe getting a fixed salary in a month isn’t the money making skill. It’s the businessmen doesn’t matter small of big they actually know the art of earning. I started thinking how I can start earning money by myself. I started thinking about what skills I have. I had no money so that I can’t invest in any reselling business. So I had to focus on giving service. I was a student of class eleven and English was my favorite subject. I decided to start teaching English.

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