Free Demo Classes on Digital Marketing


        You are offered 2 demo classes on Digital Marketing. In these demo classes, you will learn “Website Planning & Creation” and “WordPress Setup & SSL installation”

If you are willing to participate in 2 days of free demo classes then you will be certified with a Participation Certificate for 2 days of training on Digital Marketing from us.

If you are interested then please reply to this mail with the following details, 


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Your Qualification: 

Who can take this course?  

Anyone having basic computer knowledge can take this course. We don’t count the Digital Marketing course as a difficult technical course. No previous technical knowledge is required to learn it. Students from a non-technical background like a pass-course in any arts subject can take this course with zero difficulties.  

How a digital marketing course can boost your career?  

Today digital marketing is the most demanding industry in the world. Every business from small to big depends on digital marketing to survive in the competitive market. They need leads that convert into sales. Sale is the backbone of companies’ development and employees’ growth in salaries. So a digital marketing executive plays a vital role in a company’s growth and development.   Companies pay excellent salary packages because they understand the importance of a digital marketing executive in their company. So all digital marketing executives have a very bright career opportunity if they can perform and learn the skill perfectly.  

What salary does a Digital Marketing executive get?  

A digital marketing executive can get around 25k to 50k per month very easily.  

Can the course give extra earning opportunities from the internet?  

Yes! Definitely. After the end of the course, one can earn from,  

1. Blogging by joining Google Adsense for content program on his website,
2. AdSense for YouTube program,
3. Affiliate Marketing,
4. Creating & selling digital products on the internet.
5. By freelancing. 6. Can sell physical & digital goods from eCommerce websites.  

Digital Marketing Course Module  
1. Website Creation
2. CPanel Tutorial
3. WordPress set up
4. SSL installation
5. SEO Set up
6. Google Analytics set up
7. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools set up
8. Google Adsense set up
9. Keyword Research
10. SEO Content Planning & Creation
11. Landing page creation for lead generation
12. Running Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Linkedin
13. Search Engine Ad creation using Google AdWords
14. YouTube Ad creation
15. Affiliate Marketing
16. Email Marketing
17. E-commerce website creation
18. Graphic Design
19. Video Editing
20. Doubt clearance sessions (5 classes)  

Course Details:  
Name of the Course: Digital Marketing
Trainer: Ranjan Barman (5 years of experience in Digital Marketing)
Number of Classes: 24
Weekly Classes: 2 days/week
Total Course Fees: 2000 INR (This is the total one-time course fee)
Admission Enquiry: +91 9064013966 (Call/Whatsapp),    

— Regards,
Ranjan Barman,
Digital Marketing Trainer 
Blogrator Web Service
WhatsApp: +91 9064013966