How to buy domain name and cpanel hosting at lowest price?

If you are planning to start your own website then this tutorial will guide you to buy domain name and cpanel web hosting at the cheapest price. But before you buy domain name and cpanel hosting you need to know and be aware of a few things. You can also do the research of your own and compare the price and security options with the one that I am going to share with you.

Video on how to buy the cheapest hosting that comes with a free domain name for 1 year

SEO factor that matters

Three things that will matter for the performance of your future website are domain name, powerful web hosting and SSL certificate.

You must ensure your website’s security, good performance and better future. You would be expecting that Google search engine should trust your website and it ranks at the top of search engine results or at least should be visible in the first page of the search result. If it does then you never have to worry about organic or free traffic to your website. You can make a good fortune if it happens. But if it doesn’t rank in search results then you will never get free traffic flow to your website. Then you have to create the traffic of your own by social media sharing and advertisement. Therefore it is very important to make the proper planning before you buy a domain name and web hosting.

At first you need a domain name to start a website. It is better you buy the domain from a trusted place so that you never lose the domain for any security compromise. Also it is always better to choose domain privacy protection when you buy the domain name.

Choosing the right domain name

The domain name should be short and easy to pronounce. It will help your audience to remember it. A short domain name produces a professional look and feel. It takes less space in your business card and advertisement matter. People can read it and remember it very easily. And that is why it is very hard to find short domain names with the .com extension. Most of the short domain names are either taken or are very costly. The costly domain names are called premium domains. You have to do a good research and come up with a unique name idea if you are planning to buy a short domain.

You can also go for long domains if it represents some meaningful business. In that case the long domain name will perform better in Google search. For example

Goa is a popular place for tourism. People check and book hotels online nowadays when they plan for a tour. If your domain name matches exactly with the key word that people are searching on Google then there is a higher chance that your domain will come top of the search.

Different web hosting companies charge different amounts for domain name purchase and renewal. It is important to make sure that the domain you purchase wouldn’t charge you a huge amount during renewal after one year. There are different buying and renewal price for different types of domain for example .com .org .website .store

The right hosting plan

After you buy your domain name the next you will need a perfect web hosting plan. It will be better if you buy domain name and web hosting from the same web hosting company. The web hosting should be powerful enough to handle your large traffic on your website.

How quick your website loads and opens also depends on your hosting strength. If your website takes a few seconds longer than average website loading speed then you will never find your website in the first page of Google search results. According to Google, people don’t like to wait to access information on the web.

There are different plans for that. Higher price provides better performance with more benefits. You need to make sure which one you need as per your requirements.

Some plans come with multiple website hosting options with the same hosting plan. So that in future if you buy more domain names then you don’t need to buy another web hosting plan.

Choose shared hosting that comes with cpanel

CPanel allows us to access the file section where we can upload our website files. We can create folders and organise all the files and folders like we do in our computer.

Besides, you can install web applications according to your website requirements.

For example you can easily install the world’s most popular free open source WordPress application in your website hosting through cpanel’s application section. In WordPress you can choose from thousands of themes and plugins according to your need. That requires no coding or technical knowledge. It is as simple as installing application software on your personal computer.

A cPanel hosting is always cheaper and comes with more control than a WordPress hosting plan. If cpanel hosting sounds more technical to you then you can choose hassle free WordPress hosting that comes with WordPress already installed in it.

If someone ever has used cpanel hosting then he would never go for WordPress hosting for sure. Besides, WordPress hosting is more costly than cPanel hosting.

Install a free SSL certificate:

Once you buy your domain name and web hosting plan then you can very easily install free SSL certificate in your website. Most of the low price hosting plan won’t provide you free SSL certificate with your plan. In that case you can use SSL certificate manually in your website.

Installing a SSL certificate is very mandatory for SEO ranking in Google search. Without a SSL certificate your website will never rank in Google search according to Google’s search engine algorithm update.

Here is how you can install a free SSL certificate in your website manually

Step 1: Cpanel web hosting users can install the WordPress application from cpanel’s application section.

Step 2: Login to your WordPress website through wp-login.php page of your website (Example:

Step 3: After successful login you will be redirected to the dashboard section of your website.

Step 3: Go to plugin section > Add new plugin

Step 4: In new plugin’s search bar type Really Simple SSL” plugin. After you find it then install and activate it. This plugin has both free and paid option. But I will guide you with the free option.

Here is the video tutorial on How to install free SSL manually with “Really Simple SSL” plugin

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