How to make a website for beginners?

This is the first chapter of our digital marketing. In this chapter, you will learn how to make a website for beginners and make it live on the internet so that anyone can find that website.

A website usually has two parts, the first part is the domain and the second part is the hosting. Domain refers to the name of the website. The website name we buy is called the domain name.

When we choose a name for a website, we have to choose an extension with that name. Extensions are usually dot com, dot org, dot net etc. The name of the website and the extension we choose will be registered in our name and no one in the world will be able to buy the same name with that extension.

Because when we purchase a domain name with an extension then the name, address, email and phone number will be registered with that domain name.

The domain name has to be registered for a minimum of one year which can be renewed from year to year. We can also renew that domain for two years, three years, four years or 5 years if we want.
If the domain expires, that is, if the date that we should renew it has passed, then that domain may be lost to us. However, the platform from which we will purchase the domain can hold the expiration domain for a while if they want. During this time we may receive calls from Customer Care from that platform about whether our domain has expired or will expire.

how to plan on choosing the right domain?

planning on how to start a website

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a domain, such as the smaller the domain name, the better it is to remember. Moreover, we can easily display that domain name in visiting cards and advertising banners. Which will easily catch the eye of the common man and be easy to remember.

Moreover, if that is a meaningful name, it will be easy to remember for a long time.
In addition to the above method I mentioned when buying a domain, there is another very important method that we can use to buy a domain.

That is when we buy a domain if there is a keyword in the name of the domain. A keyword is a group of words that people usually search on Google to find out about a product or service or a solution to a problem on the Internet.

For example, let’s say I went to a city called Durgapur and I need a hotel in that city. I have not booked my hotel from the beginning. After I got off the train or bus. Next, I am searching on Google by typing about the hotel. “Hotel Near Me” or “Hotel In Durgapur”. Then I will find the names of all the hotels in Durgapur city in Google search. Now an interesting thing is that if I am the owner of a hotel and if there is a website for my hotel, the name of the website is Then the website will also be on the first page of Google search. This is an SEO technique. As a result, we can easily get a good amount of business for free from the Internet.

So when we buy a website, we will buy the website considering the above two things that I said.

where should you get your domain?

There are many websites on the internet today where we can buy a domain but when buying a domain we have to keep in mind that it represents our business. So we should buy a domain from a very reputable company. Such a reputable company that is old in the market and has a good reputation.

how should you plan on choosing the right hosting plan?

After we purchase the domain then we have to buy web hosting. Web hosting is like an online computer. The computers we use have a CPU, a ram, a hard disk, and an OS.

After purchasing the computer we need to install various application software of our choice on the computer. Works on web hosting and almost the same concept. Web hosting is usually a Linux server or a Windows server. We need to keep this in mind when we buy web hosting. C Channel is a popular user interface that allows us to upload all our files to our website, manage the website and install web applications of our choice on the website. In addition to this, there are many other uses of cpanel. The more we practice with fee panel, the more knowledge we will have to manage our website better.

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Why cPanel hosting is always a better option?

The cost of cPanel hosting or web hosting with cipanel is much lower than other hosting. Many website users find cPanel hosting a bit complicated. That’s why they prefer WordPress hosting. But there are many limitations of WordPress hosting and its price is higher than C panel hosting. Where using C Panel Hosting we can install applications like WordPress on our own website. We can even manage our website in different ways by installing any other application if we want. I can create sub domain as per my wish. And we can use those subdomains as separate websites. So I prefer C panel hosting.

And C panel hosting is also very easy to learn.

You need to remember to buy postings from the platform from which you will buy the domain. The website that I recommend to buy domain and hosting is very popular because domain and hosting are available here at very low prices. Even if it is available at a low price, the performance is good enough.

If you are interested in learning more about domain and hosting, you can take my training. Where you can learn step by step how to give a website a professional look and touch.

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