How was my interview experience as English Teacher?

Introduce yourself and also tell us something about your teaching experience/journey.

Hello, I am Ranjan Barman. I have completed my BCA in 2017 from Malda College. And I started my career as a soft skills trainer at Orion Edutech Private Limited in 2018. I have a total of 4 years of teaching experience in different Private sector companies.

I like teaching since my school days. And I found great interest in teaching English Subject.

When I was studying in class 11 then I started a Tutorial centre that used to teach English Subjects. Because of that skill, I was hired for the first time as a soft skills trainer by a company. I also have written and published some books on English communication. Thank you.

Why do you want to work as a public speaking and creative writer at our company?

The flexibility of work drags my attention. Public speaking is a hobby of mine and I am blogging since 2016 that is why this profile suits me the best.

Why should kids learn new-age skills like public speaking & creative writing? Is it necessary?

Public speaking skills are the characteristic of a leadership personality. It reflects confidence in the person who is a public speaker. Today in the world of the Internet and YouTube where content is the king. People with creative speaking and writing skills have a great career ahead.

Should online teaching be fun? What techniques would you use in your online classes to make them fun?

Yes, Definitely. Online teaching should be fun.

During the session to make it interesting, I can take 10 to 15 minutes for icebreaker sessions that will charge up my student.

If a child has no interest in speaking English, how will you make him develop an interest in public speaking? How will you deal with him if he is I’ll mannered?

This child needs special attention from me. I have to make a friendly bond with him. Have some discussion with him about what he likes and dislikes. And I have to playfully teach him the topic so that he finds it interesting.

If he is ill-mannered I have to deal with him more politely. I have to understand his personality and find ways to gain his interest in the topic.

What according to you is a better way to improve the child’s vocabulary and dictation than reading novels or watching web series? Why?

Both have importance in improving a child’s vocabulary. I will suggest both. Watching a web series will help him to know how the words should be pronounced. It will also improve his listening skills which are equally important.

Talk about a successful presentation you gave and why did you do well there?

I attended a TOT by my first company in 2018. On the final day, every teacher had to choose a topic and represent it in front of others. I chose the “Communication Skills” topic. I really did good research on the topic. I was countered and questioned by other senior employees. That I handled very professionally. Also, I became a master performer because of my presentation skills.

English grammar Topic


Definition: Tense represents the time of a sentence in English Grammar. It is mainly created with the combination of auxiliary verbs and main verbs. 

There are three types of tense in English grammar, Past Present and future.

Each tense has 4 parts they are

Simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous.

For example, if I talk about Present Tense then Present tense has 4 parts they are,

Simple Present,

Present continuous,

Present Perfect,

And Present Perfect Continuous.

The same way past and future have similar parts, for example,


What is Present Tense?