My achievement as a self publisher in one year

My achievement as an Author in 1 year

I have sold 150+ books in one year from a single self-publishing platform and earned about 14000 rupees in the year 2021-2022. It is an achievement for me. It will motivate me to publish more awesome books in the future.

The best part about it is I never ran any paid campaign for my books on any platform. I only used my own resource which is my YouTube channel.

This is an example of pa assive income source which I wanted to create. Unlike self-publishing, there are many ways to create multiple sources of passive income. Financial Freedom can only be achieved when I will no longer work for the salary.

Today I am fully occupied with multiple works like my full-time job as a digital marketer (though it’s work from home), multiple freelancing projects, and selling my own training & services. I work from 10AM to 12AM every day except Sunday.

The money that I earn by selling books is nothing in comparison to my regular income. But I am seeing it as one of my long-time investments.

This year I am working on a project to create a digital version of my training program. Also, I am writing a book on “Full stack Digital Marketing”. I believe by the mid of 2023 I will successfully publish both of my projects.

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