Tell me about yourself – Do you find this easy question very difficult to answer?

When I ask people, “Tell me about yourself.” Most of them find this easy question very difficult to answer. Sometimes they end up with less than 4 lines about themselves. This is the most asked questions in job interviews. Have you ever wondered why the HR asks you about yourself when you have mentioned everything in your CV? I believe this question is asked to test your self confidence. 

As a teacher when I meet new students in my centre I ask this same question to them to check their self confidence level. And the students face same question again and again during the entire course. I do this process to check on my students how their confidence has grown during the course.  

I believe you can think about your CV while telling about yourself. It will help you to better organize your speech during an interview or encounter with someone.

What you can do to tell a better version of yourself:

  1. Prepare a well organized professional CV.
  2. Study your CV before an interview/ encounter.
  3. Practice to tell about yourself from the CV in front of a mirror.

These three steps will solve your biggest problem forever. And wait! Did you find this idea interesting? Don’t forget to share it with your friends.