Why You Should Learn to speak English

Why you should learn to speak English?

Yes, you should to learn to speak English. But the question is why English? Why not any other language except English? There is many language people used day by day but English is the first language in many countries.

For business English is best for communication worldwide. Now consider you are Indian and for business purpose your boss give you a project of 3 month and you have to work on this project about 1 month in China, 1 month in USA and 1 month in Africa.

You have to start your project from next week, and you only know the Hindi language and your local language. Then what will you do? You have no way out now. How do you learn these three language during one week? Then you might even want to quit working on this project because you don’t known that many languages.

If you know English, this problem will be solved easily. Because English is a path of communication for any people for any countries. Consider you knows English then you can definitely communicate the people of these 3 countries and hope you complete you project and submit the project to your boss.

If you knows English, in whatever language you knows, it will be easily accessible to you. This is the one type of problem can solve English language. Now I will discuss various type of problem in this world can solve English language.1. English is very important in term of study:

No matter what country we are in, we have to study because studying is for everyone. Suppose you have enrolled your son in an English medium school, but if he does not know a little English from the beginning, then he may have a problem. Because the demand of English medium school is high nowadays, English is more prevalent in today’s world.

In my own experience I am an Indian and I am from West Bengal, My mother tongue is Bengali. I studied in Bengali medium school from a young age but when I went to study for M. Sc. Out of West Bengal then I found out that the university is completely English medium. Whether its class and out of class I have to talk to the teacher in English, even my friends are talking to me in English.

In this situation English cut me off like poison. As much as I want to get away from English, the English revolve around me. I thought I would leave M. Sc. And leave the university and come home but after a lot of hard work I learned English and complete M. Sc. Degree. So English is very important to me because there was a time where I was very scared of English but now that fear has totally vanished.2. English opens more job opportunities:

English is a common language that people from different countries. To communicate each other from different countries people use English. Via English one person communicate to any another person from any countries. There are so many companies in the world that the company owners want those who work in my company to say that their employees speak English.

So if we want to get a job in any company we need to know English first because we will be interviewed through English. If we don’t have weakness of English then we can easily get any job.

In my own experience this is a part of my part-time job that I am writing. I got this job because I know English and I can write this article. No matter how far we study, if we don’t know English, we will be stuck everywhere because English is the medium through which we can make entry in any job.

Consider that you got the job just so what happens when your boss gives you some tusks which you have to deal outside your country then you get stuck without knowing English. Assuming you are Indian and the person with whom you deal is African. That person know English and African and you only know Hindi then what you will do? So we need to know English first, whether it be gov. or non-gov. job.3. English made you a better educated person:

In education industry when you complete your 12th class then you will must admit to university in various course like B. Sc., B.A., B Com, B Tech, M Tech, Paramedical, Nursing, MBBS, B farm and many more. You will choose any subject like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Social Science and many more.

All of these subjects under these course will must be in English I mean the book will be through English and classes will be through in English and exams will be through in English also. If you are student of M.Sc. and your subject is physics or math or chemistry or computer science then can be doing an online course in your M. Sc. Degree.

And we all know that online courses are through English, whether there are exams and any videos are teach through English. Suppose you want to do PhD in Computer Science then you have to make a research paper in five years.

In that five years you have to study a lot about it. If you do not know English well then how you can complete your PhD. If you know English you will not have any problem in your PhD course. So English will transform you a better educated person from day to day.4. You can travel anywhere:

Suppose you want to travel to many place in the world then communication has been almost a problem for you if you are a not English speaker. In many place where you want to travel, people find English speaker. Suppose you are an Indian and you have travelled to basin in Africa.

And suppose you will be able to travel in the jungle a little while before you see that there is a signboard that you cannot understand and without reading all over the English and go into the jungle then you may have many problem in the jungle. If you know English then can handle any situation in Africa. You can boating and you will be able to travel whole forest.

if you know English and If you go out in your holidays to a small town and go out to market in the morning or evening you want to search someone who knows English very well that means you need interaction that will help you market.

If you go to hotel then you will see that in most hotels there is at least one employee will speak English often many of employees speak English. That makes it easier for customers to get what they need. So English is bridge for communication gap on your travel and make traveling enjoy.5. English is a language of media:

This is full of internet that means whatever we do, we need the internet now because we need to access the internet form like form for admission in a school or university, online count celling in any university, access bus ticket or access a train ticket or plane ticket or booking a hotel and many more.

The reason why we want to open a facebook account or any other account or have access to a chatting media we can’t process without English. The reason behind this most of the content on the internet is written in English.

The interesting fact is if you also search for “Why you should learn to speak English?” you will definitely find this article which I wrote in English.

The outline in the internet is most of English like newspaper, magazine, radio, TV etc. If you want to see any Hollywood movies you must see there is English subtitle in the bottom of video that can help you to understand the fact or event of the movie. So English is most powerful language you can start learning English today.